Sunday, January 29, 2012

This Weekend

 Dress: Unique Boutique in Delafield, Necklace: AE. Tights: Bella Mia in Plymouth, MI, Boots: JcPenny

  I had the entire weekend off! In the retail word, that seems impossible. Boy, did we play this weekend! We drank lots of coffee, went grocery shopping at specialty grocers and did some shopping! We discovered this weekend that antique stores are where we want to be! We spent hours looking at vintage, (some seemed not so vintage) jewelry, hats, furniture, everything. We like to imagine who used to own each item, what they used it for, or who gave it to them. I have a feeling more days off will look like this. Most importantly though, we spent quality time together and had some really good conversations and that will last even longer than those old antiques.

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