Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Senses

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Making: Lemonade Mojitos
2 lemons
1 lime
1/2-3/4c of sugar
2c of water
several sprigs of mint
Heat water and sugar over medium heat. After sugar is dissolved, squeeze lemon and lime juice into pan.
Chop mint and stir in. Pour lemonade over glasses filled with (crushed) ice. Serve with a spring of mint in each glass and of course, a straw.  

Seeing:  Peter Pan, the Milwaukee ballet's rendition. It was incredible!
Hearing: Lovely, whimsical, classical music.
Smelling: Pink roses, a gift from my husband.
Tasting:  Endive and gorgozola.
Feeling: Soft, lace yarn.
Reading: All Wound Up By: Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee (still reading)
Loving: Worship time with my family.
Wishing: Just for a job.


Jade said...

I'm definitely going to try this! x

Tracy said...

must try must try must try! thanks!

The Students Wife said...

Just found your blog and I want to try this! You now have a new follower :)


Elise said...

I promise you, it is amazing!

Eskimo Kisses said...

that looks tasty!
and i'm so jeal, i love ballets/musicals/plays etc and would LOOVEE to see peter pan!

Ariel Tyler said...

Yep. Now making these tonight! :) Thanks for sharing!

Tamaras Blend said...

Thanks for sharing, it looks delicious! I'll definitely be doing this on some hot summer evening.