Thursday, September 13, 2012

on bees, or maybe wasps.

IMG_3386 IMG_3388 IMG_3391 IMG_3395 IMG_3400
Top: Charming Charlie, Skirt&Shoes: Thrifted, Glasses: Bonlook, Necklace: aerie

This picture was taken prior to the 3 bee/wasp stings I would encounter while babysitting.
By far, the worst time I have ever had while playing with children.
Two of the three girls were each stung once but I was the target evidently.
So me, two screaming girls, a baby and three bees spent the evening together.
I shut the little ones in a room while trying to kill the bees that came in on our clothes (what???) all the time wishing I was locked up in that room too, with a blanket and some chocolate milk (my comfort food).

To end the night TWO hours later, I felt something scratching my shoulder, only to peel back my sweater and button down, to find a bee crawling around in my shirt........ ah! These bees were really making it personal. 


Rachel The Hat said...

oh noooo! that sounds awful :( poor you and the kids! hope you're all ok and you had lots of chocolate milk!
Love this outfit, stripes and florals are always a hit for me, and your hair looks so so beautiful!! xx

Briseidy said...

oh my! that does not sounds cool!
cute hairdo

Amanda said...

so i'm obsessed with you hair, glasses, outfit......everything really. and so sorry about those pesky bees! no fun!

xo, amanda

Christi Lynn said...

stripes and floral are the best thing ever!

Kirstin Anne said...

This is totally something I would wear too :) love the red lips!!!

Laura said...

Oh no! Those bees - got to watch out for them.

I really like these patterns together - totally different and unique. Great job. :)