Monday, May 21, 2012

On not giving up...

IMG_0671 IMG_0682 IMG_0691
Top: Bella Mia, Skirt: Aerie, Shoes: Bakers, Bracelet: Thrifted

I started knitting a project a few weeks ago, I have put so many hours into, knitting tiny stitches, hoping it turns out right. I have had so much trouble with this pattern. No matter what I do, I never have the right amount of stitches.. I've had to rip out hours of work because of one dropped stitch. (I really hope that it is worth it in the end!) As I have been re-knitting large portions of this shawl, I keep telling myself not to give up. Keep trying, even though it's a silly project, you are becoming more disciplined. It reminded me of other times I wanted to give up, in ballet, at finding a job, in this blog. I am still trying my hardest at all of these things, but, truly there have been many times where I just wanted to "throw in the towel". But I didn't! And I'm so glad, because I've met truly lovely ladies through my blog, I'm close to finding a job, I am improving in ballet class and I WILL knit this shawl - even if I lose a finger (or my mind) doing it!

What are you not giving up on this week?


Stesha said...

I am loving your blog! You have the best fashion style!!!! i am def following to read up more on what new skirt you will have next!


Ashley said...

Love this skirt. So beautiful and unique.

You dance??? Do you teach or are you still dancing, dancing?

House Of Jeffers said...

You and I would get along very well if we ever met - pink is becoming my newest obsession, and obviously, I'm super swooning over your skirt!

As for your motivation - keep at it. I recently spent the last year looking for a new job and it finally happened for me. Sometimes life can take a long time to actually happen - don't give it. Hang in there!

House Of Jeffers

lealeaho said...

aww your outfit is super duper cute! loving the skirt! great colour!

if you are interested in outfit posts, take a look at this competition I am hosting :)

if you know others that may be interested i'd really appreciate you passing the word on :)

LeaLea xxx

Ariel Tyler said...

Your outfit is so cute!

Gigi said...

Your skirt is amazing, plus I love the color!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

like the commenters before me, i have to say - i love your outfit!

Simply Mimi said...

You are so gorgeous, Elise! <3 you.

Elizabeth said...

I love your pink skirt! What a great POP of color.