Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Senses

IMG_1741 IMG_1739 IMG_1737

Making: (already made) Beet Cake! Recipe here
Seeing: Pretty new pointe shoes, new tights, and new ballet slippers!
Hearing: the gentle click, click  of my needles while knitting up linen.
Smelling: carrots, celery, garlic and onions boiling in chicken broth
Tasting:  noodles out of chicken soup, to decide how much longer the soup needs to boil.
Feeling: grateful! my sister and mom drove 4.5 hours with me yesterday for new pointe shoes, and she sewed them this morning!
Loving: beets! I really missed out all these years!
Reading: (rereading) The Home has a Heart.
Wishing:  I didn't feel sick every weekend. 


Dilan Dilir said...

mmm this looks super tasty!

Bri said...

looks yummi! how sweet is your mom sewing your pointe shoes :)

Colleen Foster said...

Delicious! What wonderful sights and smells!

lacey said...

homemade soup is the easiest and tastiest thing to make. i always feel very cozy when i have a pot on the stove. even when it's 100 degrees outside. :-)

Courtney B said...

My mouth is WATERING! I want that cake in my mouth so badly, ha ha!
And chicken soup sounds pretty amazing as well.... can you tell I'm pregnant? Ha!

Audrey Allure said...

Mmm looks delicious!