Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Pretty Pink

IMG_1644 IMG_1649 IMG_1652 IMG_1653 IMG_1661
Top: Element Style, Skirt: F21, Sandals: Bakers, Necklace: Gift

Hi, I'm Elise, and I have an addiction with pink. 
Exhibit A - this outfit. One of my favorites, the type I could wear everyday because 
1) it's cozy
2) it's a skirt
3) it's pink

Those are all the criteria I need for a great outfit. Not helping my case? My husband likes me best in pink.

What's your color addiction?


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

taupe. it's weird, but taupe.
love pink too though. I forgot about national pink day a couple of days ago though. dangit.

Kirstin Anne said...

My color obsession is more like a color avoidance. Neutrals please. Haha

Sharmaine Ruth said...

You look so cute! My color obsession is mostly blues or pastels :)

<3 Sharmaine Ruth

Caroline.blog said...

very nice ! :)

Bri said...

I love green!
you do look very pretty in pink :) nice hairdo!

Jennifer Hanson said...

Green. I am in love with pretty much anything the color green. :)

I found your blog via "the little lovebirds" and I absolutely love love love (x1000000) your style! So happy to have found your wonderful blog.

Have a great day.


Colleen Foster said...

Adorable skirt, and I love how you've done your hair :) Coral is my absolute favourite colour.

Eskimo Kisses said...

i love everything about this outfit from the shoes on your feet to the braid in your hair! seriously, how do you do that? you must show us on your next summer hair post :)

Pink Chai Raj said...

I'm a pink girl all the way! No outfit seems complete without a touch of pretty pink, and when all else fails I go with a fuschia lip:) You look beautiful and this is a great outfit.

Pink Chai Styel