Monday, January 5, 2015

DresseStylist and an engagement story

DresseStylist is back with Dear Family, for another week and this is the perfect time to look at more wedding dresses because I have some exciting news! My sister just accepted a marriage proposal from her long-distance boyfriend from New Zealand. My sister flew to New Zealand a few weeks ago and he proposed a few days after she got there. 

It looks like my husband, baby and I will be taking a trip pretty soon! I am excited because I love traveling and New Zealand looks like an incredible place. Have you been to New Zealand before? Are you from there? I would love some travel tips!

Now to the exciting part - first I will give you a few details about the proposal and then we are going to look at some Wedding Dresses UK

My sister and her (now) fianc√© started the morning at a cupcake place in Tauranga and ordered cupcakes and lattes. Rhys bought my sister flowers then drove her to the grocery store to purchase picnic supplies and they then drove to a really pretty waterfall park. They had a nice little picnic and then Rhys stood up to go "feel the temperature of the water" and asked my sister to come with him and when she turned around she saw a friend of Rhy's taking pictures and she said "ah who's this?" Then Rhys handed her a little note that said "will you marry me?" And he got down on one knee and she said yes!

How romantic?!

Now, of course, let's look at some gorgeous dresses! Maybe one of these will be the dress my sister chooses! 

They are considering an outdoor wedding and I think this dress would be stunning for a garden wedding. I love the sheer sleeves, scooping neckline and the short tulle skirt. 

This dress is strikingly beautiful and so different from any other wedding dress I have seen before. The asymmetrical neckline with the flowers and the ribbon are whimsical and romantic.

This dress is also one of my favorites! I love the simple classic lines with the sheer back. This dress is so classic and makes me want to get married again (to the same guy)!

I think planning a wedding is such a fun and special time. I know many people feel stressed about the deadlines and the amount of work that is put into making the bride and groom's day special but I can't help but enjoy the process. What do you think? Do/did you enjoy planning your wedding?

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