Monday, January 5, 2015


Today I have the exciting opportunity to introduce to you the wonderful company that is sponsoring Dear Family, for this post. SweetQuinceaneraDress is an online shopping boutique that offers beautiful, formal dresses for special occasions like a Quinceanera party! I will be highlighting a few of their lovely options as well as share an awkward story from a few days ago. I hope you get the chance to check out all the awesome Blue Quinceanera Dresses that are available in their online store. 

I have chosen a few dresses to feature today that I think would be beautiful for an upcoming party (of course they would be beautiful at any time). Winter parties can be so stunning with twinkly lights, fresh green garland and bright white flowers. It's also nice if the snow begins to fall as well. 

I did not ever have a Quinceanera thrown for me when I turned 15 but I imagine that it is a very special party for a girl of that age. Here are some of the dresses I would have chosen for my imaginary Quinceanera.

I love this skirt that almost looks like feathers! I am so into feathery dresses.

This dress is beautiful because of its sheer, changing colors! It reminds me of a prism I used to play with as a child and I think practically everyone would look beautiful in this dress!


Who doesn't love a sparkly dress! This dress doesn't even need jewelry it is so shiny and gorgeous.


I love the idea of a Quinceanera party because the entire night involves food, dancing and partying! Who wouldn't love that at any age?

Well, here's my story, I wish I could pretend that this happened years ago, perhaps at the age of 15?! Alas, just a few weeks ago I was peering into our neighbor's kitchen window (as I often do) while walking past to get to the car. We live in a very large house that was converted into apartments so each unit is different and I am always curious what the other units look like! Well, I must have been staring a little too long because our neighbor walked up to the window and stared back at me for a few minutes. I instantly ran down the steps but I must have made an impression because a few days later, he hung curtains to ensure that I would not be looking in his window again. 

Thanks again to SweetQuinceaneraDress for the opportunity to feature your dresses on my blog. I have enjoyed looking at all the different options you offer and the unique dresses you sell. 

*This post is sponsored by SweetQuinceaneraDress but the opinions and comments are entirely my own. Thank you for supporting the businesses that support my family.

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