Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Special Dress


Dress and Belt: Forever 21, Necklace: For Love, Tights: Target, Shoes: Thrifted
Kyla's Puppy Coat: PetsSmart

This is one of my favorite dresses and a few days after our honeymoon I melted it with an iron. worst. But my mom found it in another store and I am still excited after a year!
Anybody else watch Gossip Girl? I hate admitting it but it has become very addictive to me. The storyline, characters, amazing clothes and one of my favorite places in the world - New York City.
Last night, two of the main/my favorite characters were in a car accident...  I know it's just a tv show, but I hope the writers know that this feels personal. 
In other news, almost my entire family, at different times have found their christmas presents, apparently my hiding spots are unimpressive. Shoot. Oh well, Merry Christmas!


Monica and Whitney said...

This dress is AMAZING.

Ask the Duplex

the lovebirds said...

cute blog! and loving the color of your dress. xoxo

Sara Soda said...

I love that dress! I'm glad you could find a replacement. :) You're so cute in purple!