Friday, December 30, 2011

Pretty on the Inside and Pretty on the Outside

Dress: Francesca's Collection, Bracelet: gifted, Tights: Francesca's Collection, Shoes: (?)

I started this blog at first to begin keeping recipe and DIY projects and pretty things. I returned from Africa almost two months ago, and I decided I want to create with God. I love pretty clothes and dressing to look pretty. As much as I want to look pretty on the outside, I want more than that, so much to be absolutely stunning on the inside! I want beauty, encouragement, and words that bring life to flow out of my mouth. I want encouragement to spill out of my lips instead of complaints and rude remarks. I  want joy and kindness to be my demeanor. Join me as I explore beauty on the outside, but as I choose to be beautiful on the inside. How did I do that today? I thanked the Lord today for dear old friends, who always leave you feeling understood, encouraged and loved. Thanks Megan!

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Just started reading your blog and I lovelovelove it! You have such a great sense of fashion, its unique, creative and totally inspirational. God has blessed you with many talents and I am happy to see you are pursuing them all. Keep up the wonderful work! I hope I can influence people one day the way you are.