Tuesday, June 5, 2012


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Top: AE, Belt: H&M, Dress: Heritage, Head Scarf: For Love, Shoes: AE

I made this. 
I am really shocked to type this.. but I did, I actually knit up this lovely lace. 
Are you surprised too? I know, I promise this was NO easy task. I cried a few times, each little section had to be restarted at least 3 times. For every row that I knit, I had to pull out four. But I wanted it to be perfect, and 3 weeks later, I wear her proudly. This pattern is by far the most complicated thing I have ever knit/read. For other knitters, it's not really that bad, I have just only followed one other pattern in my life and it was primarily garter stitch. 
I had help though! Kirstin (not only inspired my outfit) helped me tremendously by explaining the pattern step by step and empathizing with me whenever my needles had a mind of their own, or my husband knocked stitched off my needle. My sister, helped me count during the entire project, too many stitches! 
And my husband, he caused me to restart about 4 different times, but he is the only reason this is blocked (proper knitting term for stretch it to the maximum, making the pattern stretch and look pretty!) so nicely. 

Thanks guys!


Kirstin Anne said...

YAYAYAYAYAAY! I love it! So perfect! Youre a knitting prodigy!

Dilan Dilir said...

so lovely,you look amazing :D

Eskimo Kisses said...

insane. you have a true talent! and your outfit is so cute, i love that you take risks and it always works :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you totally made that? Your a knitting master!

Sierra said...

Girls got mad layering skills. Nice work on the knitting! I attempted once, but always pulled it too tight. Not fun.


Mode Chocolat said...

What a beautiful shawl is a beautiful work! I love it!