Tuesday, August 14, 2012


IMG_3221 IMG_3189 IMG_3191 IMG_3195 IMG_3203 IMG_3209 IMG_3212
Dress: c/o sugarlips, Flower crown: DIY, Socks: Eddie Bauer, Jewelry: Etsy and f21, Shoes: Francesca's

Is anyone else as crazy about the backless trend as I am? I think it's so fun and I love it when a simple dress shocks you when you see it from the back! 

Trends I'm loving right now:
- Backless
- Chambray (everything)
- Flowers on my head
- Sock and Heels

So I put them all together in one outfit.. now if I could have just figured out how to add some stripes.


Elizabeth Benfield said...

beautiful! i would love to jump on this trend but unfortunately i need too much support to not have a bra strap showing. so i will just appreciate the backless dresses from a far :(

Dilan Dilir said...

really beautiful dress! :D

Colleen Foster said...

Gorgeous! You always look so happy and sweet in your pictures :)

Kristal said...

What great photos! Love the backdrop! Just now finding your blog --- Super cute!

Jennifer Sanzo said...

You are adorable. Found you through your comment on Sydney's piece in The Washingtonian. I think we should be blog friends. Love that dress!



Anonymous said...

LOVE this dress! you are so cute!

Ali W. said...

I love chambray everything right now too. And you definitely can pull off all of your favorite things together! You look so cute. Love this!

Nataly said...

Woaaah this outfit is dreamy!!

Rachael xx said...

That's such a pretty outfit, I love the flowers in your hair :).

Rachael xx


Kelli Anderson said...

babe a licious!

Kirstin Anne said...

im dead! that dress!

Janet Mandell said...

Such a cute dress!! I lm obsessed with backless dresses too and pleated skirts!!! Can't find a great one that fits me yet !! Love your dress!!! You look adorable in these pics!!!

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Christina Marie said...

stumbled across ur blog and ur sense of style is incredible!

Eskimo Kisses said...

you. are. adorable. just stop it.

Deliciously Yours said...

Somehow I missed a whole bunch of your posts!?!?

but I looovveee this outfit!