Monday, February 6, 2012

Jar of Rocks

Blazer: Anthropologie, Necklace and Shoes: Francesca's Collections, Top and Belt: F21, Dress: Aerie, Bracelet: Gift


I have a friend who recently had a difficult break-up (aren't most?) and as I was pondering what to give her, I couldn't think of anything quite right. Gifts are something that I feel every situation calls for. Finally, *insert lightbulb moment* a jar full of rocks! Uh, wah wah. Trust me, this is perfect for her. My mentor in Albuquerque gave me this idea while I was living there and dealing with a similar break-up myself. She told me to put these rocks in a little jar. Each rock represents a mean word, a fight or something else you need to let go of. You take one rock per day, pray and then throw that sucker. You throw it as hard as you can to let go of that one memory you chose. Some days you cry, somedays you are really angry, maybe you want to break the glass or destroy the ribbon. However you spend that memory, you let it go. 
I pray this will help her, like it helped me many years ago. 


Anonymous said...

that's a really cool idea.

ps. i love your shoes!

Karolina B-H said...

love the mix of textures in your outfit!!