Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Actual Day...

Well, Jamie and I woke up yesterday with everything ready for a short road trip to Chicago. Only one thing stood in our way, my sinuses...wah, wah. I was feeling very sick so we had a quick change of plans and decided to build this:

 We created the coziest blanket fort complete with our couch, mattress and every pillow in our house.
It took us three tries, the third-time really was a charm! We watched movies, played board games, munched on some arabic take-out and soup! 

We made a quick stop to pick up some French Macaron's and we had some lunch. 

It was such a lovely day!


ericka said...

awwwww this is amazing!

Pearl said...

haha love the tent! What a super fun cute idea!
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