Wednesday, February 8, 2012

These are some crafts I have been working on recently:

A Doily Tote
Canvas Tote (mine is recycled, because I liked the color better)
Lace Doilies
Needle & White Thread
Sewing Machine (optional)

Tack on doilies, I hand-stiched these on starting out around the outside and working my way to the inside to really secure them on the tote. 
Next, I used a sewing machine but you could hand-stitch this as well. Sew ribbon around the top from the front all the way around the back and finish on the side. 

 DIY Headband 
Headband pictured with my new brooch

Headband from Craft Store

Hot-glue gems in a pretty pattern

 Quilled Snowflake

I am trying out a snowflake quilling kit. If you think it's pretty grab a kit, I don't think I can give you instructions for this one.

 Dance Painting

I was given a set of paints for Christmas, while I am not an artist with a paint brush, sometimes I feel inspired. So, I paint what I want to and I wanted to paint this. This painting to me is my feeling of when I dance I constantly have to lay down things to God, like inferior pride, superior pride, anxiety, impatience...the list goes on. And when I lay those down, God always has enough grace to carry me through that class/day and it is quite a beautiful thing.

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and so it goes.... said...

That tote is ADORABLE, I would have never even thought of that!