Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bun Head

Just some dance musings:

I wear my hair like this 4 day a week because I have ballet class.
Even after 10 weeks of the ballet bun, sometimes my method still falls out in class. At what point will I master it?
I love every second of class. Seriously! Even if I fall or make a mistake or forget a combination, I love being there.
My heart skips a beat when the pianist begins and my body knows exactly where to go for the beginning stretch. Every class begins the same way, routine comforts me. 
I also love that every girl wears a black leotard and pink tights.
My spot at the barre is directly in front of a huge window and on the nights when the snow is falling softly, I imagine being a dancer in the nutcracker scene of an exquisite snow globe. 
Some days I feel strong and focused, other days I can't keep it together. 
My teacher is loud and yells often. 
I've already worn through one pair of pointe shoes. My new ones are lovely. 
After a five year absence from my most beloved art - I love it even more.

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the lovebirds said...

i love this, obviously! ha. Such a cute post! And ballet buns are the best.