Wednesday, July 4, 2012


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hat: macy's, dress: sewn by my grandmother, shoes: old navy

While in Africa, the Mozambicans would often us where we were from. I always responded I live in America. They would continue to ask, "no but where is it you are from?" and every time I replied "America" they would become more frustrated. I asked our host why this was upsetting to them.  I thought it was because they couldn't speak english very well. You have no idea how many people would say "Hi, how are you?" and when I responded "good, how are you?" They would repeat "Hi, how are you?" (they didn't know what it meant, just that it was an english greeting)
The host explained that to them America, is the Americas, as in North and South, not the USA. They only know it as the United States (other cultures can make you realize just how little you really know). Anyway, however you call it, America, the US, USA or home, Happy Independence Day! 


Eskimo Kisses said...

how interesting! i guess in America people do say "hi how are you" as a greeting. you don't even have to respond to it because they know you're just going to say "good" or "fine".
happy 4th! hope you have fun:)

Julie Mitzie said...

You have an amazing style! <3


Anonymous said...

What an interesting story. We kind of assume that people will think America is US, but it is really not. It also bothers some who are from central and south america.
And you look lovely. Patriotic but not cliche.
I just started following you. Follow me back if you like my blog!

Laura said...

It is the same when I travel as well! I think it gave me a new perspective on how to look at the world.

Love this dress by the way!


kayleevz said...

Love your 4th outfit!