Monday, July 9, 2012


Inspire defined:

— vb exert a stimulating or beneficial effect upon (a person);; foll by  with or  to; may take an infinitive to arouse(with a particular emotion or to a particular action); stir to prompt or instigate; give rise to: her beauty inspired his love

4.archaic  ( tr )
a. to breathe into or upon
b. to breathe life into

I am really inspired by servants. It stirs something in me, when I see a human helping another human and it gains them nothing. It prompts me, instigates me to serve as well. I want to help make someone's life better, or at least, make them smile. I spent two months in Africa, and that time changed something inside of me (pretty deep inside), some days were just spent cleaning the "baby house" at the orphanage we stayed at (it was a difficult job!), while other days were spent building a house and providing food for those that were without. Service can make us grateful for what we do have, realize what we might not need, and create a love for humanity in our hearts.IMG_6472
There are some people that serve above and beyond the norm, beyond what is was required of them. These people fuel me, they give me hope, and they give me something that is incredibly important. Inspiration.

People that inspire me:
1. Jesus - The ultimate servant. 
2. Mother Teresa - lived her entire life to serve the poorest of poor. 
3. My husband - generously living to provide care and safety for his own family, and many around the world.
There are also some places that cause me to think. They make me wonder what else I'm missing out on in this huge world. They cause me to want to move, to travel, to explore.

Places that inspire me:
1. Dondo, Mozambique - the people there opened their homes to us, fed us and gave us the best of everything they had, even though we were strangers.
2. NYC - I met wonderful people there, one of them a blind man who taught me many things. That city is full of beautiful stories and opportunities. Go to the subway and just help a woman carry her stroller down the steep steps, I bet you'll meet an incredible lady with an incredible story.
3. Nature, anywhere - shows me how much I'm loved, and stirs me to love greater.IMG_6513
Lastly, there are things that give me fuel, that allow me to create, and dream. These are some of my favorite items, things I might not be able to live without.

Things that inspire me:
1. Food - Audrey Hepburn said: "to stay thin, share your meals with the hungry", I have learned that chocolate chip cookies can bring comfort when words cannot, feeding the homeless will always satisfy you, and making a special meal for someone you love is rewarding.
2. Yarn - mainly, knitting. A warm scarf or hat gives a constant hug to those I love, even when I'm not around.
3. Ballet - It's my art-form, and it is lovely, I'm hoping to audition for a program that will allow me to travel and provide therapy through dance to those in high-risk situations.

What inspires you? 

P.S. I originally wrote this as a guest post on Ariel's blog. But I liked it so much, I wanted to share it with you.


Dilan Dilir said...

perfect photos :D

Mary Beth said...

I love this post. Such a good reminder to think of others and take my mind off myself. Thank you!

Eskimo Kisses said...

wow such an inspiring post! those pictures are so cool, it looks like you guys did awesome things there.

i went to india with my youth group the summer after i graduated high school and it was AMAZING. we also helped at an all girls orphanage, every girl had a heartbreaking story and, even at the young age of 5, they had been through way worse things than i have in 20 years. visiting countries like that always leave you feeling grateful, fulfilled, and wanting to help more wherever you possible can don't you think?

love this post.

Ariel Tyler said...

I got quite a few lovely e-mails about your post- it was fantastic! This post shows what an inspiration you are! xoxo

Colleen Foster said...

Beautiful and inspiring :)

Arlete said...

Gostei muito do blog !e o que vocês fazem muito bonito