Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday Senses

Here's what we picked up at the farmer's market.

Making: Presents for my mom's birthday, also knitting a peter pan collar.
Seeing: words on a website, that frustrated even my husband (not an easy thing to do), more filming for us.
Hearing: birds, singing to each other and a gentle hum of an air conditioning unit. 
Smelling: Strawberries, fresh, almost ready to pick.
Tasting:  sipping iced coffee, a little treat for today.
Feeling: the warm sun, there is not a sensation I like much more than the glorious heat of the sun.
Loving: salads, while never a huge fan before, lettuce from the garden, tomatoes and peppers, topped with fresh herbs, I'm sold.
Reading: The Farm, skipping over the many pork recipes, I dont even like looking at it.
Wishing:  I owned a fruit stand, there never seems to be enough in my home.


Colleen Foster said...

Another wonderful and colourful photography! Your pictures always add that extra dimension that works really well for your Friday Senses posts :)

Ariel Tyler said...

Sounds wonderful! Have a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yum! Love farmers markets!

Jennifer Hanson said...

I love this post. Great to get to know you and your blog a bit better. :)
I have been growing lettuce in our garden too and it's soooo much better to eat knowing where its from.

Have a great weekend!


Carol said...

I love this photo!

Eskimo Kisses said...

those veggies look perfect. and you have to show your peter pan collar when you've finished it!

little lamb said...

i love the FM!