Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One foot, then another

IMG_2058 IMG_2057
maxi: aerie, shoes: old navy, shawl: knit, bracelet: thrifted

This has been my uniform for walks in the evening after my ballet class. A maxi dress, and my lace shawl. The dress code for summer walks: easy, fast, comfortable. Which is exactly how our walks are. A little stroll around the block, easy, fast, comfortable. Just the way we like it.


Colleen Foster said...

So lovely!!

Denise Lopatka said...

love the outfit! obsessed with that lave shawl... xox

Marie L. said...


jennifer. said...

how adorable! i LOVE that maxi! i just went online and they don't have it anymore :( bummer!

happy tuesday to you! :)

dreaming en francais said...

That dress is beautiful! xo


Ariel Tyler said...

You are seriously the cutest thing ever! Love the maxi!

Eskimo Kisses said...

so pretty. sometimes it's really nice to get out and take a walk. of course we always have Walter on our walks now and he makes it a little less relaxing and easy (loves to bite the leash!)

Confetti said...

Gorgeous outfit! Love the dress, look fab.